To connect your home to the municipal sewer system, a sewer line runs beneath your home and through your yard to channel wastewater from your drains. While your city or town maintains the sewer, the line is your responsibility, so you should know the signs that you need sewer line repair or sewage remediation. The guide below offers four indicators that your sewer line is clogged or leaking.

How to Tell if You Have a Sewer Line Issue

1. Green Patch in Your Lawn

Human waste is rich in nutrients, so if it escapes from your sewer line, it could nourish the greenery in your lawn. If you notice vibrant green grass in the ground above your sewer line, the line may have a leak. If your yard has low patches, you may also notice foul-smelling water puddling up as it leaks from the sewer line.

2. Multiple Clogs

sewage remediationA clogged sink or bathroom drain isn’t uncommon, as hair, grease, and other debris can cling together and form blockages. However, if multiple drains are slow or clogged, you may have a jam in the sewer line. In the early stages of this problem, you may notice a loud gurgling sound when water goes down the drain.

3. Drain Odor

If the sewer line is backed up enough, wastewater may end up sitting near the drain openings, allowing unpleasant odors to escape. If there’s a smell like rotten eggs lingering near the drain openings and cleaning the drain doesn’t make it go away, you should have your sewer line inspected.

4. Sewage Coming Up Through Drains

If the sewer line is fully clogged, the water that goes down your drains has to come out somewhere. Sometimes, it will come back up through low-lying drains like showers and toilets. This problem can leave a mess and possibly cause water damage. However, because wastewater can carry dangerous pathogens, you should leave the cleanup to a sewage remediation pro.


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