Many homes feature vinyl siding. While this material has its advantages, it usually has a life span of 20 years. Steel siding is more durable, lasting 40-50 years. While it has a higher upfront cost than some alternatives, it often makes up for this in energy efficiency. The guide below looks at some of its advantages. 

Why Invest in Steel Siding?

1. Reduces Heat Transfer

This type of siding is reflective, which causes sunlight to bounce off of it and less heat to be absorbed. In the summer, this can make the interior of your home more temperate and comfortable and reduce your reliance on the air conditioning system. 

Steel siding also typically contains a layer of insulation that functions as a thermal blanket. This helps trap air in, which is especially welcome during the winter months when you want to keep warm air inside without running the furnace around the clock. As a result, homeowners typically receive lower utility bills.

Steel Siding

1. Has Low Maintenance Needs

Steel doesn't rot like wood when exposed to water. It doesn't attract insect activity and resists fading in the sunlight, making this material easier to maintain than its alternatives. Because it is less likely to experience damage that can lead to air loss, you won't have to turn the air conditioner up as much trying to keep the home cool. Additionally, less reliance on the AC and furnace minimizes wear and tear on these appliances, so your units are less prone to costly breakdowns and operational problems.

3. Is Environmentally Friendly

Not only is using less electricity good for you, but it also benefits the environment by limiting your home's carbon footprint. 

In addition to that, steel can be endlessly recycled into products with the same high quality each time. This means that, at the end of its life, no part of your steel siding will be wasted. Not only does it require less energy to recycle steel than it is to manufacture it in the first place, recycling this material means it won't take up precious space in landfills. 


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