A residential water well is your home’s source for a steady supply of healthy drinking water. However, if you have a low flow rate due to a shallow water well, your only options may be to deepen your existing well or build a new one. While both services have their roles, the professionals at Dalmik Well Drilling, in Putnam, CT, are here to explain the benefits of building a new well versus well deepening.

3 Ways to Evaluate if You Should Build a New Well or Deepen It

1. Access to Fresh Water

well deepeningIf your well has run dry, there is no guarantee that well deepening will help you discover new fractures with fresh water. One of the main benefits of building a new well is that you will have access to a steady stream of drinking water.

2. Choose a New Location

If you’re unhappy with the location of your current well or it’s not optimal for the best water flow, a new well allows you to choose a new drilling point. In this situation, it’s best to consult a well drilling contractor as they will conduct an evaluation to determine the best site.

3. Less Expensive Than Well Deepening

Well deepening is a complicated process and can cost you a significant sum of money with no complete guarantee of success. The process of setting up over your existing well with a well rig will impact any landscaping in your yard located near the well.  The rigs are 8.5’ wide by 40' long. The tower is 40’ In addition, the pitless adaptor which connects your pump to the building will be removed and a new one will be installed after the process.  This involves digging around the well 4’ deep, most people use a mini excavator or backhoe for this process. Another issue with deepening an existing well is in the original construction of the well. If the well was constructed using a cable tool rig, most well drillers will not go back into the well with an air rotary machine. A new well is more cost-effective as you may be able to utilize the existing components of your well in the new well.

Consulting a well drilling technician can help you make the best decision for your current water supply situation. The team at Dalmik Well Drilling has over 30 years of experience in well deepening, drilling, and pump installation services and can provide what your home needs. Give them a call today at (800) 928-6220 to schedule an appointment or visit their website for more information about their full list of offerings.