Familial bonds can be strong, but studies have shown that the one between mothers and daughters is particularly powerful. Perhaps, that’s why mommy and me swimwear are becoming so popular. Here’s why, according to science, the mother-daughter relationship is so special. 

Understanding the Mother-Daughter Bond

Why It’s Strong

A study in 2016 used MRIs and other tools to show that daughters regulate emotion in similar ways to their mothers. The study indicated that daughters inherit the part of the brain that regulates moods, empathy, and behavior from their mothers. This means that mothers and their daughters think similarly—more so than any other intergenerational pairing. Finally, the study showed that mothers and daughters have higher levels of empathy, so they are more likely to understand each other and try to see problems or situations from the other’s shoes. 

How It Manifests

mommy and me swimwearDaughters tend to mimic their mothers from a young age. They can share an appreciation for the same foods, styles of clothes, and hobbies. It can strengthen your bond with your daughter to indulge in such whims as mommy and me swimwear when they are young. By wearing the same outfit or swimsuit, you’ll connect on a deeper level. When choosing a swimsuit, make sure to pick ones that fit both of your body types

Studies have shown that the relationship between mothers and daughters stays strong as children age, too. When your daughter is older, she will look back on photos of your matching clothes fondly. 


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