A strong mother and daughter relationship isn't always a given, so it's important to nurture it from an early age. Close family bonds are created over time. As a mom, you have the opportunity to be friends for life with your daughter. Enjoying each other's company is just the start; you can go shopping together, wear matching swimwear, or bond over new experiences. Here are a few tips for building the relationship. 

3 Tips to Create a Long-Lasting Mother-Daughter Relationship

1. Volunteer

Giving back to your community is noble, and teaching your daughter the importance of charity will have impacts on how she'll see those who are different than her. She'll also learn patience and the joy of giving. Once your daughter sees the impact she's making, she'll appreciate the fact that mom took time out of her busy schedule to volunteer. At the end of a volunteer day, take her out for ice cream as a reward.

2. Do Hobbies Together

matching swimwearSharing your hobbies can teach your daughter life skills. Whether you like to sew, play badminton, or build elaborate sandcastles at the beach, she'll be excited to imitate mom and learn with you. Hobbies like shopping can be fun, and you can enjoy looking at different styles together. When they’re younger, daughters love to imitate their moms, so why not get your daughter matching swimwear, pajamas, or outfits?  

3. Show Affection

Don't just tell your daughter you love her, show her by being her shoulder to cry on when she's upset or congratulating her when she succeeds. Also, be there for your daughter no matter what happens. Bringing honesty to every  conversation is important, as it builds trust. Also, honest communication creates openness. 


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