You may be unsure what to do in the aftermath of a trucking accident. Between the police arriving and evaluating your vehicle for damage, you may feel overwhelmed. But remember that building a strong claim begins at the scene. As such, here are a few critical steps to take in the wake of a tractor-trailer wreck. 

A Guide to Navigating the Aftermath of a Trucking Accident 

Record the Scene 

After law enforcement arrives and directs traffic safely away from the scene, walk around the wreckage and photograph it from all angles. Accident reconstruction experts will use these images to determine what happened in the moments leading up to the crash. You should also obtain the other motorist’s insurance information and driver’s license numbers. Record the names and phone numbers of any eyewitnesses as well. Finally, take photographs of the interior and exterior of your own vehicle and any visible personal injuries. 

Protect Yourself 

trucking accidentWhen leaving the scene of a trucking accident, your first priority should be your health. If you did not receive emergency care on-site, visit a doctor as soon as possible for a comprehensive evaluation. Even if you feel fine, a doctor will make sure that adrenaline isn’t masking any troublesome symptoms. Once your health is stabilized, call an accident attorney. If you call a lawyer right away, you will not have to correspond with the opposing party, which means you won’t run any risk of jeopardizing the claim inadvertently. 


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