Your wedding day will be a memorable and well-documented event. There will be cameras pointed on you practically every moment, so you want to look your best. If you are planning to have facial hair for your big day, here are some beard grooming tips that you should know.

What to Consider

You want to look dashing on your special day, but you also need to feel like yourself. If you are accustomed to having facial hair, you probably shouldn’t make a drastic change that might also shock your significant other.

That said, you’ll want to make sure you clean up your beard and use the right products to stay polished throughout the event. Style your beard in a way that works for your face shape as well as the fullness and evenness of your facial hair growth.

Types of Beards 

beard groomingThere are a few options to consider when your planning your beard grooming for your wedding. Some popular beard styles are:

  • Scruff: This is short, light stubble that might be accumulated after a few days without a shave. This look is the easiest option as it takes the least time to grow.
  • Heavy stubble: This look comes from not shaving for a week or so. It works best if your facial hair is even and grows in full.
  • Business beard: This beard is often about an inch long and is well-maintained. It’s a bit more professional and clean-cut, so it could be appropriate for a more formal wedding.
  • Full beard: A full beard is one where your facial hair is completely grown in, including the mustache, cheeks, and neck areas. If you are already sporting a full beard, this option just needs to be groomed to look tidy for the big day.

Tips to Follow

Treat yourself the day before your wedding to a hot towel treatment and a trim by a professional. Make sure you have the right products for your skin type to avoid irritation. Consider buying a kit with the appropriate beard brush, oil or balm, and a quality trimmer. 


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