There’s more to starting a new career than finding a job listing, applying for a role, and interviewing for the position. Once you know that a prospective employer is interested in moving forward, you have to prepare for salary negotiations. To help you strike a balance between getting what you want without overestimating the company’s budget, below are some helpful do’s and don’ts to keep in mind. 

How to Negotiate Your Salary During the Hiring Process 


Prepare answers in advance.

Just as you prepared for the interview when you first read the job listing, you need to approach the salary negotiation phase with the same attitude. Develop a strong, convincing case in your favor that lets the employer know precisely why they should consider your preferred salary. You should also be ready to answer challenging questions, such as why you’re deserving of that particular amount.

Perform independent research beforehand.

You don’t want to arrive at a random figure that doesn’t fall in line with your industry’s general expectations and the typical salary for the position. Often, this depends on the location and the size of the company, so make sure to do some specific regional research to determine an appropriate request. Neglecting this step might make you seem unprepared. You want to be authoritative and confident.


Lincoln, NE job listingBe afraid to dive into negotiations.

A negotiation is, by definition, a back-and-forth discussion that eventually leads to a place of mutual agreement. If only one of the involved parties is communicating openly and honestly, the results may not be in your favor. Although it’s natural to feel nervous, don’t be so anxious that you lose sight of your ultimate goal: getting paid what you are worth. Remind yourself that you deserve to earn well for your hard work.  

Focus on a very specific figure.

You might have a key figure in mind when you first browse the job listing; it’s natural to desire something specific, after all. But to make the negotiation process easier and more fair, it’s better to provide a desired range. You can arrive at a reasonable ballpark figure by taking into account the average salaries of people in your position within your industry. You can more easily compromise on a rate this way.


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