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We’re all feeling overwhelmed and turned upside down by the current pandemic crisis.  When we focus on fear and negativity, we get more of what we don’t want.  So Personal Development Coach Peggy Sealfon is making her ceramic HAPPY NOW mugs available at 50% to 70% off with free delivery. This is a special offer to anyone living in Florida’s Naples/Marco Island area to support you and help you refocus and manage these stay-at-home days with a little more ease.

While you drink your morning coffee, you can set yourself up with a happy mindset. Choose any single mug or the full set of 4 and you can sip your way to being "Inspired-Serene,” or "Confident-Grateful," or "Brave-Passionate," or "Kind-Loving" (while supplies last).  By practicing these daily reminders, you’ll feel an energetic shift on mind and body that aligns, integrates and uplifts so you feel happy in the moment!  When you string together multiple moments of positive relief from stress throughout the day, you’ll actually be improving your overall health.

In Peggy's coaching, she teaches clients how to be aware of triggers that create feelings of fear, anxiousness, anger, irritation, frustration, etc.  These days we’re full of worry when we just do everyday chores like going to the grocery store!  So when those feelings arise, you can remember to use the affirmation from your HAPPY NOW MUG and interrupt that negative experience in a productive way. 

Peggy will personally deliver (and pre-disinfect) your order to your door and she’ll pay the tax!

ORDER HERE Look for “Exclusive Offer for Naples, Florida residents” at the top of the landing page.

You might also want to visit Peggy’s Home Page for free meditations and lots of supportive programs.  We are all in this together and Peggy just wants to assist you in navigating through these difficult days.  If you have any questions, email her or call 239.821.2266.  

Peggy Sealfon is an internationally-recognized Personal Development Coach, Author and Speaker.  She specializes in helping clients transition through anxieties and stress to ultimately be the best—most expansive—version of themselves. She designed these HAPPY NOW MUGS to give her clients a tool to create a positive daily habit of mindfulness.

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