Many complain that their mind is too busy to meditate. Yet many of those same people are so distraught as we face the craziness of this global pandemic that their minds are consumed by fears, worry and panic. Just taking a calming 10-minute break can change their focus.  With many staying at home, this is an excellent time to try meditation.  It can’t hurt. In fact research has shown it can help reduce anxiety and can trigger the brain’s relaxation response.

Peggy Sealfon, Author and internationally-recognized Personal Development Coach, teaches meditation. She says: “It is one of the most important tools right now to interrupt the pattern of stress and calm the nervous system.”  She insists that “Anyone can learn to meditate and in these nerve-wracking times taking brief time-outs can restore balance in body and mind and elevate mood.  This process improves the immune system which is ideal right now.”

Psychologist and Author Tara Brach confirms this adding:  “The most important thing to remember is to approach practice with a friendly, curious, non-judgmental attitude.”  As Sealfon asserts: “It’s not about doing something perfectly but instead about being perfectly engaged in the experience.”  Just finding 10 or 15-minutes to still the mind can create a shift in brain-wave patterns that can improve state of mind.  As we are forced to adapt to our mega lifestyle changes as a result of COVID-19, we need to give ourselves the best opportunities to be resilient and creative. Meditation can help.

Peggy offers a variety of guided meditations on her website or on Youtube. She also shares an ancient, mystical meditation technique that allows you to shift from the stressful ego-mind to a no-conflict miraculous zone; moving from tension to peacefulness in her online class.  “Intro to Meditation to Stay Calm.” Register here and use this big discount code: HN64FAUK to enjoy the class for only $5. This technique has helped absolute beginners as well as seasoned meditators.

Need support? Reach out to Peggy Sealfon-Stonewater Studio for customized strategies.  She specializes in Stress and Anxiety and can help you identify actionable steps for achieving your fullest potential and manage panic, trauma, and stress.  To learn more about all her services and discover many of her supportive free programs, visit her website


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