Stress is unavoidable, especially during the coronavirus pandemic when it can become overwhelming and negatively impact your wellbeing. Practicing relaxation and stress relief techniques will help you feel better in a variety of ways, providing very tangible benefits. Below are some of the best ways relaxation practices improve your health. 

How Stress Relief & Relaxation Improve Your Health

1. Boosts Cardiovascular Health

Relaxation techniques reduce the strain on your heart and circulatory system. Benefits include slowing your heart rate, lowering your blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and improving circulation to muscles and extremities to relieve muscle pain and tension. 

2. Improves Mental Health

stress reliefTaking the time to relax each day can also improve your mental health and provide a much-needed break from all the turmoil of these times. Relaxation techniques like mindfulness meditation help you cope with your emotions in a healthier manner, which reduces feelings of depression, anger, anxiety, and fatigue. Improved mental health can also lead to better concentration and memory, as well as enhanced confidence.

3. Increases Energy By Improving Sleep

Stress can keep you from getting deep and restful sleep, as hormones released when you’re stressed encourage alertness. Embracing stress relief as a form of sleep help will let you be more rested and adopt a healthier sleeping schedule. Better, deeper sleep translates to more energy throughout the day.

4. Eases Breathing & Headache Disorders

Relaxing on a regular basis also lowers the strain on your lungs by slowing your rate of breathing and improving airflow to your lungs, which has benefitted those suffering from respiratory conditions. It’s also been shown to improve chronic headaches and migraines, reducing how severe they are and how often you get them.


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