Being asked to get in front of a group of people can be intimidating. Many people wonder what others think of how they look or what they say, which can make it difficult to speak or perform at the highest level. Here are some helpful tips for dealing with stage fright, especially through virtual meetings and presentations, so you can find anxiety relief.

Overcoming “Virtual” Stage Fright

1. Don’t Focus On the Negative

Before you log on, avoid thinking about the negative things that could happen, such as stuttering, not being able to find your words, or having connection issues. Instead, use positive thinking to imagine a successful performance, and think about the message you want to send. (Plus, test your log-in system in advance to reduce snafus!)

2. Take Active Steps to Relax Your Mind & Body 

anxiety reliefBefore your big event, focus on relaxing your body and mind through exercise and peaceful meditation. Exercise releases endorphins, which makes your body and mind feel better. Meditation allows you to focus, which can help you to relax and perform the mental work necessary to stay sharp so you may perform better. Make time to relax before you are called to present, either going on a walk, stretching, or taking a few minutes to meditate before your event. 

3. Put Yourself in the Audience’s Shoes

When someone takes the virtual stage, if you are like most folks, you might be rooting for them, listening to their message, or even not paying attention at all and thinking about other things. Now, imagine how you feel about performing if others are doing the same thing in the audience. By putting yourself in the audience’s shoes, you can enjoy a greater sense of relief from anxiety by considering that they want you to succeed and won’t be affected if you make a slight mistake. You can do it!

4. Be authentic

Connect to your true self and access your own natural talents and abilities.  When you “try” to present in a way that isn’t in alignment with who you are, you’ll lose your message and your  presentation will come across as a hollow and empty.  So be yourself!

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