If you’re not a reader, this article is not for you. But if you enjoy reading fiction, you can take advantage of a soon-to-be-released novel in several ways.  Awakening, a novel by Peggy Sealfon is a compelling story about a woman rendered unconscious from a motorcycle accident who awakens to question whether she’s lived her life all wrong. She embarks on a profound journey in search of answers. 

As human beings, we each question our lives; our choices.  This woman’s search echoes all of our searches for life’s meaning, friendship, and love. The story provides several opportunities:

  1. Reading stories provides an escape from reality.  Science shows that taking breaks from pressures and tensions of life gives the body and mind a chance to reset...and restore. Reading a good work of captivating fiction can offer a very real time to chill.
  2. This debut novel of personal development coach Peggy Sealfon sets forth tangible strategies for the main character to navigate life more effortlessly. These techniques provide inspiration for readers to learn and grow.
  3. The reader is taken on intriguing adventures in New York City, the South of France, London, Southwest Florida and Miami. Isn’t virtual travel fun?
  4. Hope and love are two essential human emotions that propel people forward in their lives. This novel provides insights into both.

Awakening, A novel


Awakening, A novel will be released on December 11th in paperback and eBook, available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble or Stonewater Studio Books.

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Peggy Sealfon, author and personal development coach trained in a eastern and western traditions works with clients all over the world to guide them through personal challenges to powerful breakthroughs in their lives. Visit her website or contact Peggy directly here.