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About Peggy Sealfon-Stonewater Studio

Everyone deserves to live a peaceful life of health, wellness and be able to reach their highest potential without struggle or suffering. Peggy Sealfon-Stonewater Studio offers a natural way to achieve better health, wellness, productivity and happiness. Known internationally as the Stress and Anxiety Expert, Peggy is a Personal Development Coach, Productivity Strategist, Speaker and Author.

Peggy works with individuals and business teams to provide effective skill-building programs to overcome challenges that cause dysfunction, miscommunication, illness and pain. She facilitates customized approaches to balance work and personal lifestyle choices for increased productivity and happiness. Using life-changing techniques, she helps clients reduce anxiety, stress, pain and trauma to supercharge their lives and find their path to balance and abundant fulfillment in relationships, personal satisfaction, professional life and family life. 

Using advanced studies in the science and system of integrated human development, Peggy is certified and trained in a unique range of modalities from modern psychology and energy medicine to ancient wisdom teachings and mindfulness, nutrition and neurosciences which she combines to assist individuals and corporate teams towards higher levels of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Peggy's Integrated Life Plan Coaching System, Stress Buster and Pain Buster Programs have been adapted by thousands of individuals and companies throughout the world. Her best-selling book Escape From Anxiety--Supercharge Your Life With Powerful Strategies From A to Z is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble or at

As a motivational speaker, she enthusiastically brings a wealth of insights and information to audiences to inspire personal and professional performance and heighten wellbeing.

Located in Naples, in the sunny, beautiful state of Florida, Peggy Sealfon-Stonewater Studio offers each client life-changing opportunities to be able to:

  • Handle everyday challenges more effortlessly
  • Change habits that are exhausting and depleting
  • Eliminate sleepless nights, weight gains, frustrations, illness
  • Be free of tensions, stress, anxiety and live fearlessly
  • Reconnect to an inner power to find meaning and purpose

Peggy Sealfon-Stonewater Studio services include one-on-one and group coaching--and speaking engagements--to guide others in eliminating the root cause of today's challenges using highly efficient and effective methods.  In addition to her "integrative" coaching programs, she offers  sports performance workshops that create accessibility for the getting in the “zone.” Through Stonewater Studio, she is able to provide natural products to support individual progress and promote wellness.

If you find that life is stressful, and you’re searching for a way to find inner peace and achieve your true potential, let Peggy Sealfon-Stonewater Studio help you find the freedom to be your best self and discover peace, abundance, and well-being. Call (239) 821-2266 today, or visit the website, to find out how you can live a fuller and happier life.