A wraparound deck typically encircles the entire exterior of a home, though some designs extend along only two sides. This home addition creates the perfect place to enjoy nature, gather as a family, or escape for some alone time. Here are a few reasons to invest in this feature. 

What Are the Benefits of a Wraparound Deck?

1. Stay Comfortable 

A porch positioned at the front or back of your home might only be comfortable for a short portion of the day because of the glaring sun. However, with a wraparound porch, you can easily move out of or into the sun. Additionally, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of views, including the sunrise and sunset. 

2. Room for Everyone

wraparound deckNot everyone will use the deck the same way. Maybe your children will use it for a water balloon fight, your spouse will use it to chat with friends, and you’ll use it to quietly read a book. With a wraparound deck, you can all use it for these purposes at the same time.

3. Convenience

With a wraparound deck, it’s easy to install other conveniences, such as a roof to block the rain, a screen to keep bugs away, and outlets for electronics. You might even add ceilings fans for those hot summer days, and lights for an evening spent outside. Also, it will likely have multiple entrances so you can step in or out of the house easily. 


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