Without proper insulation, cold air can penetrate windows in the winter, increasing your energy bills and decreasing your family’s comfort. While investing in glass and window repair to address any cracks will help reduce drafts, there are other steps you should take to weatherproof your fixtures. Here are a few ways to enjoy a more comfortable house throughout the season.

How to Reduce Window Drafts

1. Get Curtains

Add curtains to windows and glass doors to prevent cold air from entering your home and treated air from escaping.

While all fabrics create insulating barriers, there are insulated curtains available to specifically combat the cold. Some varieties even come with thermal backing, which consists of thicker panels, typically made of polyester.

2. Refinish Seals

glass and window repairWindow sealants lose integrity over time as they’re exposed to the elements. If moisture seeps in from snow or ice melting, water can infiltrate the space and lead to mold and mildew around the fixture. 

Go around your home and look for any cracks and gaps around frames. Remove any damaged caulk before restoring the seal with weatherstripping or new caulk. If there are only small fissures, insulation tape or foam may be sufficient to cover them. Doing so will eliminate drafts to secure your household against cold weather and water damage, preventing a need for glass and window repair.

3. Add Insulation Film

Applying insulation film to windows provides more protection against the elements. This plastic shrink film adheres to the frame, covering the glass and trapping cold air from outdoors behind the sheet. The product is typically available at hardware stores, offered in insulation kits that come with tape.


If you notice damage or condensation on your windows, turn to the professionals at Genesee Glass & Mirror in Rochester, NY. With over 40 years of experience, these professionals offer glass and window repairs to restore the look and functionality of your fixtures. If you switch to insulated glass, you’ll enjoy a 10-year manufacturer warranty. Learn more about their services by visiting their website, or call (585) 621-3580 for a free quote.