Swimming pools provide fun and exercise for children and adults, but they can also create a safety risk if you don’t take the proper precautions. Fortunately, these measures are easy to implement. Here are several tasks you can do to make the pool area safe for children.  

4 Strategies to Make Swimming Pools Child-Safe

Install a Fence

Hire a contractor to construct a boundary wall around the pool area so no one falls in by accident. The fence should be an adequate height, designed to discourage climbing, and made to close and latch after someone passes through it.

Provide Swimming Lessons

swimming poolTeach children strong swimming skills as soon as possible. This important life-skill is the best form of protection. You’ll feel confident in their safety regardless of whether you’re with them or not. When choosing when your kids should begin lessons, consider factors like their age, physical abilities, and emotional readiness. Some children may be ready sooner than others. 

Supervise All Swimming

Even for kids who know how to swim, you should still keep an eye on them when they’re around water or entrust a friend or young adult to watch them. The supervisor should be responsible, attentive, and a good swimmer. Intervention usually isn’t common, but your family will be glad someone was on duty if an emergency occurs.

Inform Children of Pool Rules

Educate your kids about the restrictions they must follow if they’re going to be hanging around the pool. Explain the reason for each one; for example, bicycles and other toys should be kept away from pools so no one gets distracted and slips into the water.


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