A thermostat’s ability to properly regulate temperature is the key to keeping your home comfortable during any season. While thermostats don’t break down too often, it’s not unheard of. Luckily, they usually give signs in advance. If you experience any of these troubles, a reliable HVAC repair service can help determine whether the issue is indeed stemming from the thermostat or if your air conditioner is to blame.

Is Your Thermostat Broken?

1. Constantly Running Air Conditioner

air conditionerIf your air conditioner is constantly running, it will quickly increase your energy bills and can affect how well your home is warmed and cooled. The thermostat could be calibrated incorrectly or even damaged; and the wiring could be malfunctioning, causing the system to heat or cool erratically. This problem could also be the result of the air conditioner itself malfunctioning, so scheduling an appointment with a qualified HVAC repair service is the best course of action.

2. Battery Issues

Sometimes, an issue with a thermostat can be as simple as changing the batteries. If you’re starting to notice irregularities in heating or cooling, and adjusting the device isn’t solving the problem, open a set of fresh batteries. It’s a quick and easy troubleshooting method that will help determine if the problem needs the attention of an experienced HVAC service.

3. The Air Conditioner Doesn’t Start

If a thermostat’s wiring is damaged, the signal to engage the heating or cooling system could not be reaching its destination correctly. Similarly, a malfunction in the thermostat could make it fail to sense the temperature accurately. It may interpret the temperature conditions as different than they actually are and prevent it from adjusting the temperature. Troubleshooting the issue or getting the assistance of a reliable HVAC service will help determine the cause of the problem.


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