Mold is a naturally occurring substance, and it often grows in commercial buildings. Businesses that handle food, like grocery stores and restaurants, are particularly susceptible due to excessive moisture. Thankfully, mold removal services can eliminate the problem and protect your establishment. Review this brief guide to learn how the substance affects your company and what to do if you discover it on the property. 

How Mold Affects Your Business

If mold is visible to customers, it makes a bad first impression. Noticeable growths make it look like you don’t keep the establishment in good condition, which can affect the brand's image. If you sell food, mold can also be a significant health risk.

Mold exposure is dangerous for customers and employees. It can cause respiratory symptoms in most people, including trouble breathing and a runny nose. People with asthma may experience flareups when exposed to mold spores. 

What to Do If You Discover Mold

mold removal

Once you’ve found mold in the workplace, you need to act promptly. Call a mold removal company to deal with the problem safely. Removing the substance yourself can be dangerous and spread the spores around, making the problem harder to control.

Tell your employees about the mold, and let them know about all the steps you’re taking to remove it and prevent it in the future. If people have concerns, allow them to work from home temporarily if possible. 

You’ll need to determine the cause of the mold growth to prevent future infestations. The substance needs moisture and oxygen to grow, and it thrives in darker conditions. Look for leaks, excessive moisture, or high humidity. Have the necessary repairs completed and consider installing a dehumidifier to prevent issues.  


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