Removing trees, shrubs, stones, and other obstacles from the land allows homeowners to make use of a seemingly unmanageable property. No matter what you plan to use the space for, land clearing is rarely a DIY job and should be done by a professional. Before you take on the grueling work yourself, consider hiring an excavating contractor for the following reasons.

Why You Should Hire a Contractor for Land Clearing

1. Old & Established Roots

Older trees and vegetation have had more time to spread and establish their roots. Unfortunately for homeowners looking to clear their property, that makes them difficult to extract. Aged and established greenery require special removal techniques that your contractor will know to ensure the roots do not grow back.

2. Large-Scale Projects

Cutting down a single tree land clearingis hard enough for the average individual but clearing a large area with a lot of vegetation could take years. Most homeowners don’t have the time or energy to dedicate to extensive land clearing. With professional services, you could have the space cleaned up and ready for the next project in a much shorter period.

3. Risk of Utility or Structural Damage

Land clearing is risky work when you don’t have the right experience. Underground utilities like gas lines can be hard to spot. While removing stumps and roots, you may accidentally hit and damage them. Power lines, buildings, and other structures can easily be damaged by fallen limbs as well.

4. Environmental Regulations

When done excessively or improperly, land clearing can cause serious harm to the environment. That’s why there are government regulations to ensure you don’t leave a negative impact on the land. Contractors know the local laws and regulations, and they will help you file the necessary permits to ensure your project follows them.

5. Proper Equipment

Clearing property is a heavy-duty task that involves powerful machines and equipment. From cutting down and hauling trees to digging out rocks and grinding stumps, most people are not equipped to do the work themselves. Land clearing companies have all the right tools to remove vegetation safely and efficiently.


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