The HVAC system is one of the most significant factors in the quality of your home's air. You can promote cleanliness and health with regular duct cleaning, a fresh air filter for the air conditioner and furnace, and a humidifier or dehumidifier. Here's a closer look at how being proactive about air quality protects your family and belongings.

What You Should Emphasize Indoor Air Quality

1. Health

Small dust particles in the air can irritate your throat and lungs, making you uncomfortable and more vulnerable to respiratory infections. Changing the HVAC air filter at least once per season and scheduling duct cleaning annually minimize these particles and keep you healthy. These steps also help get rid of common allergens like pollen and pet dander, so if you have allergies, you’ll have fewer reactions in your home. 

For replaceable filters, aim for a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) between 5 and 8 for adequate filtration of tiny particles, but families with allergies may want to choose a rating between 9 and 11. HEPA filters are especially effective at catching allergens and mold spores, but the average HVAC system isn't designed to provide the necessary airflow strength.

2. Humidity Control

duct cleaning

Your home’s humidity should stay between about 40% and 60%. This will ensure you protect materials that are sensitive to moisture in the air, such as wood and leather. 

When the air is too dry, these materials can crack, and when it’s too humid, they can swell, warp, and stain. In-home humidity in this range—especially if it's below 50%—will ensure the air won’t be dry enough to irritate your throat or damp enough to encourage the growth of unsightly, toxic mold.

3. Energy Efficiency

Your HVAC system draws air through it using fans. When the ducts and vents are clogged with dust, it’s harder for the air to circulate, and the fans have to run at a higher setting and use more power. Changing your air filter and scheduling duct cleaning to improve air quality will lead to clear passageways and improved airflow. These steps lower energy usage, translating to savings on utility bills.


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