If you're searching for a convenient, spacious venue to host a special event, consider your favorite restaurant’s banquet room. Not only is the room large enough to accommodate a significant amount of people, but you’ll have control over most of the planning process. Here are the main reasons you should consider renting a banquet hall for your next office party.

Why a Banquet Hall Is the Perfect Venue for Your Party

1. Customized Menu Options

banquet roomBanquet rooms offer a customizable menu. If you're on a tight budget, you can opt for a daytime luncheon as opposed to an evening dinner. Most banquet halls are adaptable to dietary needs, so if the people in your group need vegan or gluten-free options, tell the kitchen ahead of time. Other things to consider are an open bar or buffet. 

2. Large & Spacious 

A banquet room can give a large group of friends and co-workers the space required to interact and socialize. A room dedicated to you and your guests allows for more decorating options, like bouquets and linens. This can help to make the party more personal or to reflect the values of the company.

3. Comes With Restaurant Staff

Instead of being a host to your entire party, the restaurant will provide servers, bussers, and managers. This allows you to concentrate on other activities, such as giving a presentation or mingling with your co-workers. This can alleviate the stress of having to deal with much of the services by yourself.


When you need a large banquet room for your office party, family reunion, or wedding, try the locally operated Gianna Via's Restaurant & Bar in Pittsburgh, PA. Or for larger events book GV Social Hall for parties of 50-100. This Italian restaurant offers a wide selection of domestic, import, and craft beer, as well as vegetarian, dairy-free, and gluten-free food options. Gianna Via's also has daily specials that include pizza, wings, and burgers, and they offer catering for businesses in the surrounding area. Call (412) 882-6500 to schedule your reservation and customize your banquet hall order. Visit them online to learn about their menu options.