VoIP phone systems use internet connections instead of landlines, which opens the door for many creative and functional features. These can improve the way employees work and enhance your customer experience, ultimately resulting in a better reputation and increased profits. Here are just some of the most popular innovations and how they can benefit you.

Must-Have VoIP Features

1. Digital Concierge

Digital concierge services guide customers through the VoIP network to quickly reach the right department. This eliminates the need for a receptionist and the possibility that human error could result in incorrectly routed calls. These sophisticated systems can work with large, complex routing networks and field a high volume of incoming calls. You can also program custom greetings, music, and messages into the auto-attendant to maintain an inviting, human element.

2. In-Call Features

voip phone systemA VoIP phone system also improves the call experience. Users can easily connect to three-way conference calls and program call-waiting functions. Systems also include caller ID and the ability to record and send voicemails to email or record approved calls and upload them to a computer. Best of all, employees can use these features anywhere with an internet connection. Simply connect to the VoIP software and enjoy the convenience of voicemail access and fluid call features.

3. Click-to-Call

Click-to-call functionality is connected to an online widget and posted on your company's website or blog. Visitors can click the button and enter their phone number, triggering a customer service representative's phone to auto-call them back. This seamless communication increases the likelihood of customers reaching out, and it's also an opportunity to quickly answer their questions and start educating them on a product or service.


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