Auto scrap metal falls into one of two categories: ferrous or nonferrous. The primary difference between these two types is the presence or absence of iron. To better understand the value of your junk car, here is a closer look at the distinctions between these items.


A ferrous piece contains iron. It is among the most widely utilized and recycled metals due to its strength, hardness, and magnetic properties. However, it does have a major drawback, as the material can rust. This is due to the high iron and carbon content, which triggers corrosion when exposed to moisture and air. 

Common ferrous metals include stainless steel and wrought iron. You can find them throughout the average vehicle, including the body, roof, door panels, engine block, and cylinder heads. 


Auto Scrap

Nonferrous metals do not contain iron, making them lighter and more malleable. Because of the lack of this material, they have greater corrosion resistance. Aluminum, copper, lead, and platinum are common nonferrous metals, also used in many essential auto parts, from car batteries to catalytic converters. 

These metals generally have a higher value than ferrous ones, so recycling your nonferrous auto scrap can result in a nice profit. However, you might not be able to identify what type of metal a junk car contains if it's in bad shape. An easy way to determine whether a part is ferrous or nonferrous is to use a simple refrigerator magnet. Hold the item up to a metal component. If the magnet is attracted to the car's part, the piece is ferrous.


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