Houses built before 1960 most likely include outdated electrical features like two-prong outlets. When it comes to improving certain aspects of a home, most people don’t consider how many holes their outlets have. However, three-prong, USB, and GFCI units offer protections and benefits you can’t get with the older electrical plugs. The following guide outlines some reasons to consider upgrading these features throughout your house.

Why Should Homeowners Replace Two-Prong Outlets?

1. Eliminates Outdated Wiring

Two-prong outlets provide power to electronics through a hot and neutral wire. Unfortunately, since neither line is grounded, the plug has no protective measures against power surges or stray currents. 

However, three-pronged receptacles include a grounded wire, providing a place for unexpected voltage to go. When you upgrade the outlets throughout your home, you can better protect the building, family, and sensitive devices—like cell phones, HVAC systems, and televisions—from electrical damage.

2. Prevents the Need for Prong Converters


Some people choose to use converters to transform two-prong outlets into ones with three holes. While this can make it more convenient to use a modern device in an older home, it has drawbacks. 

Most newer electronic devices come with three-prong plugs. Not only are these safer to use, but it's required for residences built after 2008 to include receptacles to accommodate them. If you live in a home that was constructed before this year, you'll need an adapter for most of your appliances. However, the converter doesn't reduce the risks associated with old wiring. Even if you used one on a three-prong surge breaker, an old plug is still a hazard because it doesn't have grounding power for the surge protector to utilize. Upgrading your outlets avoids any unnecessary issues.

3. Charges USB Devices Without an Adapter Plug

Some upgraded outlets come with additional features that can make powering your devices easier, such as USB ports. You can safely charge items that use this type of power cord without the need for an adapter because the receptacle has a grounding wire. This also frees up three-prong outlets, allowing you to charge more devices at once.


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