Your home's electrical system is responsible for meeting most of the energy demands of your household, powering everything from appliances and lighting to HVAC equipment. Without it, the building could not function with the same degree of dependability and ease. This is why it's important to know when it's time to upgrade the property's wiring. The following guide outlines several common signs that indicate the need for an update.

How to Tell If You Need to Upgrade a Residential Electrical System

1. Frequently Tripping Circuit Breakers

A circuit breaker automatically stops the flow of electrical current during an overload or short. While this is an essential safety measure, it can also be inconvenient if the circuits start tripping with greater frequency. 

When breakers routinely trip, it often indicates that the wiring in a home cannot accommodate the needed energy load. Updating the system might involve adding additional circuits or rewiring the house. This will make the property safer while saving you the hassle of constantly resetting tripped switches.

2. Increased Use of Extension Cords


Extension cords are not meant to be a permanent solution. The devices are intended for limited use when an item isn't within easy reach of an outlet or when you need to plug in seasonal or other temporary fixtures. 

Using too many extension cords can overload and overheat circuits, and they also create tripping hazards. If you're using this equipment throughout the home on a permanent basis, it's time to upgrade your system with additional wall outlets in each room.

3. Presence of Fuses

Fuses and circuit breakers perform the same basic function of stopping electrical current during an overload or short circuit. Fuses, however, melt or blow rather than simply switching off. Most modern homes are no longer built with these boxes, so if you have one, you're likely living in an older house. 

Dated properties often have lower-amp electrical panels that are insufficient for the energy needs of contemporary households. Upgrading the system can give your family more energy capacity and eliminate the need to change messy fuses.


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