When your HVAC system is running, it's normal to hear a gentle hum. However, there are a few noises that indicate you may need air conditioning repairs to avoid a costly and inconvenient breakdown. Here's a list of sounds that mean you should put in a call to a certified HVAC contractor.

What Noises Indicate the Need for Air Conditioning Repairs?

1. Buzzing

Buzzing occurs when components are loose or are falling out of position. While the noise may only seem like a nuisance, over time, loose pieces will force the system to work harder to achieve the desired thermostat reading. Air conditioning repairs can replace or tighten these parts to ensure efficiency while preventing future corrosion and other problems. 

2. Squealing

air conditioning repairs

Squealing or squeaking is often due to a fan belt issue. In the early stages of the problem, adding lubrication often eliminates the sound. A steady screeching, especially when you first turn on the unit, may indicate a damaged fan motor or worn-out bearings that need to be replaced to restore functionality.

3. Clicking

A constant clicking sound could be the result of faulty wiring or electrical issues. Loose wires within a furnace could point to a gas leak, pilot light issues, dirty burners that need cleaning, or a hole in an air duct. 

Heating repairs are essential to avoid a dangerous situation. Depending on the extent of the gas leak or burner condition, furnace replacement may be the best path forward. 

4. Banging

Banging or booming that sounds similar to a gunshot or car backfire can be incredibly alarming. These noises generally occur when there's a buildup of gas or a problem with ductwork. A dirty furnace can also be a culprit. While some fixes are simple, you should have your HVAC contractor perform a thorough inspection to ensure there's no risk of a carbon monoxide leak.


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