Touching your face is a common habit. Everyone does it from time to time,  but doing so frequently is detrimental to your skin care routine and overall health. The guide below will explain why you should quit the habit and how to do it.

What Are the Consequences of Constantly Touching Your Face?

Hands touch hundreds of germ-ridden surfaces every day. While regularly washing your hands helps prevent problems, touching your face before you can wash off can cause illnesses. The bacteria can get into your body through the mouth, eyes, and nose. 

new york skin careThis habit also compromises the results of your skin care regimen. The dirt and oils on your hands transfer to the pores on your face, resulting in clogs. When bacteria enter the pores, they also cause breakouts and exacerbate other skin issues, such as eczema and psoriasis. Rubbing the eyes vigorously can break capillaries and speed up the development of wrinkles, while picking at acne creates scarring.

How Can You Remind Yourself to Stop?

Breaking the habit is tough, especially since people may do this without thinking. Keeping your hands occupied often will help you avoid this. Use your pockets or a stress ball, or fold your hands when you aren’t engaged in activity. These habits will eventually replace the old one.

Wearing makeup can also help you avoid it. Rubbing your eyes smears mascara and eye shadow, so it might be easier to remember not to do it when you have products on.

Finally, ask your friends and family to remind you when they see you touching your face. They may notice when you absentmindedly start picking or scratching.


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