When you have an unlicensed teen that’s eager to get behind the wheel, taking a trip to the arcade can make their driving dreams a virtual reality. Through today’s racing simulators, players of all ages can cruise various visually enticing tracks and compete against friends to see who can cross the finish line first. While these video games are certainly a lot of fun, they also offer many other benefits. The following guide looks at a few.  

Why Encourage Your Teen to Play Racing Games?

1. Refines Coordination

Once a player is in the racing simulator’s driver’s seat, they’ll be able to adjust their car’s speed and movements using lifelike steering wheel and pedal controllers. Whether they’re slowing down to take a turn with precision or aiming for a ramp to jump over an obstacle, teens will find that reacting to on-screen stimuli in real-time can improve their hand-eye coordination.

With practice, this enhanced coordination can help kids in many other areas of life. For instance, it may get them used to the sensations and actions required for real-life driving. Others may find that their improved reaction time enables them to be better athletes. 

2. Reduces Stress

racing simulatorWhen people are new to racing games, they will likely experience signs of stress when they play—such as increased heart rate and adrenaline production. However, with repetitive playing, drivers will get more comfortable with in-game elements. This, in turn, trains their brains to adapt to stressors.

If virtual racing helps a teen lower their stress levels while playing, they may also experience reduced anxiety when facing other stressful situations—such as when taking a timed test at school or performing onstage.  

3. Boosts Memory & Problem-Solving Skills

As a player completes a lap around a course, they are pushing their brain's ability to remember the layout and obstacles. As their memory improves, they will be able to anticipate various factors in the game and how to respond to them. For instance, they may recognize inclines that require more speed or turns that lead to time-saving shortcuts.

Using this banked memory, players can visualize the course ahead of them, predict potential problems, and apply various strategies to solve them. Some games allow users to tune their car’s equipment and aerodynamics to better handle unique elements—such as curvy tracks and slick roads.

These same memory strategies can then be utilized in the real world.


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