Finding the right holiday gift for someone can be a challenge. You want your gift to be meaningful and something the receiver will genuinely enjoy. Orchids are universally fantastic gift options, whether for a work colleague, a hostess gift for a Christmas party, or a close loved one.

Why an Orchid Is the Perfect Holiday Gift

1. It Will Last

Unlike a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates, a living plant will last. The gorgeous flowers will bloom for weeks-months;  although most are annual bloomers, some might even rebloom within the year. Even after it drops its flowers, the plant will maintain its green leaves until it blooms again the following season. The recipient can keep it for years and be reminded of you each time they enjoy its beauty.

2. It’s Easy to Care For

orchidsOrchids have a reputation of being difficult to care for, however they are one of the easiest plants to care for. Even if the recipient doesn’t have a green thumb, they’ll have no trouble keeping this hardy flower alive. It only needs watering once a week and thrives in indirect sunlight. It won’t need to be re-potted or require any other special attention.

3. It Carries Meaning

The flowers come in many colors, which you can choose based on the meaning you want to convey. The yellow bloom conveys friendship, while purple symbolizes admiration and respect for a boss or client. White symbolizes innocence and elegance, and pink suggests femininity and joy. Green is thought to bring blessings, good fortune, and health. Red can symbolize either passion or strength.


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