Transmission systems convert engine power to control the speed of your car's wheels, meaning they're built to endure a lot of activity. In fact, most systems can last reliably between 100,000 and 200,000 miles. However, if you want to get the best performance and longevity from this vital part, you'll need to practice proper auto care.

How to Keep Your Car’s Transmission Running Strong

1. Monitor Fluid Levels

About once a month, check the transmission fluid levels under the hood. This substance flows through the system to provide lubrication, prevent heat build-up, and minimize wear to components. If the levels are low, you may have a leak that needs repair. Alternatively, if the fluid appears dirty, you may need a transmission flush.

Apart from checking levels manually, stay aware of other signs the fluid is leaking, such as seeing a red, oily liquid pool under the car or smelling a sour odor while you drive.

2. Schedule Routine Service

Even if the fluids appear to be fine, you'll want to visit an auto shop for regular transmission service every 30,000 miles or two years. During this routine inspection, a skilled mechanic will flush and replace dirty fluids and the system filter.

3. Care for the Cooling System


When you get routine transmission service, it's also a good idea to have your mechanic tune-up the cooling system by fixing coolant leaks or refreshing antifreeze. Taking these steps will help prevent your car from overheating and placing added stress on the transmission.

4. Consider Extra Filtration

Although transmission systems already contain filters, you may want to ask your mechanic to install an additional external filter. This can help remove fine debris and other pollutants that the original filter can't collect. As a result, it'll help keep the system components clean and reduce the risk of damage.

5. Don’t Stress the System

Many simple driving practices can minimize wear to the transmission. For example, it's best to engage the emergency brake when you park on an incline and avoid resting your hand on the gearshift. You can also prevent damage by driving gently after a cold start until the engine warms up.


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