Color can impact a customer's perception of your business. Different shades are associated with various emotions, and some may already be connected to your brand. Therefore, it's crucial to choose the right tones for your web design. Use the following guide to ensure your brand is represented well. 

How to Pick Colors for Web Design

1. Consider the Mood

Certain colors are associated with specific emotions and audiences. Due to this, color can positively or negatively impact your brand and web design. Red is often considered a bold color that represents passion, while orange can be confident and warm. Blue tends to be synonymous with serenity and trust, while green is connected to nature and wealth. Make sure that you're selecting a color that emphasizes the mood you want for your audience.

2. Opt for Complementary Colors

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A color wheel is a great way to find the right combinations. Analogous colors are similar, like orange and red, while complementary are opposite, such as yellow and purple. Complementary colors can naturally create a contrast to highlight important parts of your design. Using the color wheel ensures you're selecting tones that will always work together. 

3. Match Your Brand

You may already have a logo for your company, which is a good starting point. Pick tones that complement your logo so that your brand is easy to recognize, and ensure the hues you choose match the web design. Unless you prefer a monochromatic look, you don’t have to use identical colors. In fact, contrasting colors can make your logo pop.

4. Follow Color Rules

Follow the 60-30-10 rule to ensure balance. The dominant tone should be used for 60% of the site, while a secondary color should cover 30%. The last color is an accent that should only be used 10% of the time. This design organizes the overall look for a dynamic result. 


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