User interface (UI) design is the process of creating functional, accessible, and visually appealing interfaces for electronics and software. UI design plays a crucial role in the end-user's experience, determining how one ultimately interacts with a program. Graphic design is a key aspect of UI since the usability of an interface depends largely on how easy it is to navigate. Below, learn more about UI design and the important role it plays in website development.

Understanding User Interfaces

There are two main components of UI design: the visual and the human. The visual element is critical because the easier, more streamlined, and more aesthetically pleasant an interface is, the more likely someone is to utilize the webpage, electronic device, or software. The way a user moves through an interface must be smooth from start to finish. That is why UI professionals don't only handle the graphic design of a primary interface page; they create all the pages the end-user can potentially encounter.

graphic designEven more important is the human aspect. Above all else, an interface must be logical. It should make sense that when you click this icon, tap that button, or swipe a slider, you will be taken to the next obvious step in the process. Most users will take a specific action and assume it will produce a specific result. When an interface is well-designed, there is often not a lot of conscious thought involved in navigating it.

Graphic design professionals take this into account when constructing the interface. Also figuring into the human element is how interesting or engaging the interface looks. Certain colors, shapes, patterns, and spaces can engender an emotional response and make a user more likely to use the website or software frequently.

Examples of UI Design

You can find examples of UI design in virtually any electronic device or software, including:

  • Computers
  • Mobile apps
  • Navigational tools, like sliders, tags, and icons
  • Online retail stores
  • Search engines
  • Smart appliances
  • Websites


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