Working remote has made it possible for many employers and their staff to maintain operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic. But for those in sales and marketing, shifting from in-person to virtual sales has presented a variety of challenges. If you need help optimizing your sales performance when working from home, use the guide below for a few helpful tips.

How to Improve Your Remote Sales Performance

1. Maintain a Consistent Routine

When working outside of an office environment, it's easy to feel distracted and find yourself working too much or too little. To prevent this, try to maintain a consistent daily schedule, starting work at the same time each day, and performing the same tasks you would have completed while in the office.

If needed, write down tasks you want to accomplish consistently every day, such as replying to emails first thing in the morning, scheduling calls, and attending virtual meetings. Don't forget to take time out for a lunch break, or a quick walk around the block for fresh air. 

2. Optimize Your Environment

marketingWhen working from home, your setup is critical to your overall success. 
Work with your employer to ensure you have access to everything you need to do your job as effectively and efficiently as you would have in an office.

Create a quiet workspace with a reliable computer, highspeed internet, and access to the same software, files, and resources you had in the office. Consider setting up a virtual private network (VPN) that allows you to safely transfer information to colleagues and prospects.

3. Structure Virtual Meetings

Meeting with prospective clients is essential when it comes to sales and marketing. Unfortunately, you can't always capture the same amount of information in a virtual meeting as you would in person.

To make meetings more efficient, create a structure that allows you to maximize the amount of information you can provide and receive. Create an agenda, making time to get to know the client, perform a live demo, and ask or answer questions.

Prepare in advance for network or software outages by providing a prerecorded demo video in case you're unable to give one live. Also, supply a backup phone number to call if your primary method goes out.


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