A new job offer is a great opportunity, but it can be a little overwhelming if it involves moving during the holiday season. Prior planning is a must in this case, both to keep you on track and to ensure your children are well cared for during the process. While working with professional movers can relieve a lot of stress and tension, there are other steps you can take.  

How to Plan a Successful Move During the Holidays

1. Get Started as Soon as Possible

Packing should begin as soon as you have a moving date on the calendar. If possible, start packing less frequently used items at least four weeks ahead of time. Focus on secondary bathrooms and guest bedrooms first, then work towards dining rooms, living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. It's best to pack items room by room for easy unloading when you arrive at your new home. If you lack time, consider hiring a packing service to ensure you're ready by the big day. 

2. Alter Your Holiday Plans

Having friends and loved ones visit your home might not be feasible in the middle of packing. That doesn't mean you must forgo festivities altogether. Instead, visit your loved ones at their homes for a respite from your moving duties. You can also arrange a night out for your family, which can help get you into the holiday spirit without putting more on your plate. 


3. Donate Gently Used Items

Keep an eye out for gently used items when decluttering in anticipation of your move. In addition to discarding unwanted belongings, you can donate clothing, appliances, home decor, and seasonal goods to people in need. Many charitable organizations are searching for donations at this time of year, as they make it possible for less fortunate families to enjoy their own holiday celebrations. 

4. Check the Weather Report

Inclement weather is usually more of a concern during the winter months, and moving on a wet or snowy day will only complicate matters. Check the weather forecast when choosing a date to avoid potential storms and other issues. If bad weather is on the horizon, consider altering the date to before or after the storm passes. 


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