If you need more space in your home, you have a few options. Brick extensions are expensive, require planning permission, and take a long time to build. Wooden sheds are okay for storing tools and bikes but don’t tend to be very big and don’t always last long in the elements. Metal garages, on the other hand, have surged in popularity as creative homeowners think outside the box. Here are five ways a metal building could suit your every need at home.

How to Use Your Metal Garage

1. Office Space

Office space is one of the most common uses for a metal structure, especially with more people now working from home at least once a week. This type of structure allows you to install the infrastructure you need to run an efficient workspace without the cost of renting an office. It’s cost-effective, isolated from the distractions inside the main house, and a great asset if you ever decide to sell your home.

2. Yoga Studio

If you have a busy household, it’s challenging to find the space—and quiet—to practice yoga. Moving your meditative exercise to an external structure allows you the peace you need to get the most out of your workout. If you’re not into yoga, you could also convert the structure into your very own gym.Garages

3. Art Studio

Some hobbies take up a lot of space. The arts, in particular, often require ample room to work and storage for all your materials and finished masterpieces. This type of storage facility allows you to lock up everything you need without having to pack it away every time you’re done with it.

4. Guesthouse

Metal garages are easy to insulate and wire, which makes them the perfect hub for a guesthouse—especially useful if you have a large family and don’t have the bedroom space to accommodate overnight guests. Your visitors may appreciate the privacy, too, since a guesthouse is an upgrade from a spare bedroom.

5. Man Cave or She Shed

If you need somewhere to escape to, a man cave or she shed is the perfect way to create a private space to relax, read, play computer games, or even keep things safe so little hands can’t grab them in your home. You can decorate it exactly as you wish and turn it into your own haven.


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