Software-defined wide-area networks (SD-WAN) use advanced software to provide a virtual, efficient network. This computer IT service offers multiple advantages for businesses, including faster access to online applications and increased productivity. The following guide highlights the main reasons why your organization should consider switching to SD-WAN. 

What Are the Advantages of SD-WAN for Businesses?

1. Cloud Access

SD-WAN allows for direct cloud access from any location on the network, in contrast to traditional systems that have to route traffic back through the main data center. Additionally, SD-WAN software organizes the flow of data through the network so that you can prioritize critical applications, which enhances the performance of cloud services. It also ensures critical IT processes that affect the business are not disrupted. For example, you could request that your IT services team sets up the software to prioritize VoIP data, which will ensure clear and uninterrupted voice calls over the internet. 

2. Productivity 

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When the software works efficiently, employees can access the cloud from a wide range of locations. As a result, your team can collaborate remotely without setting up meetings, and they can finish projects quickly. Employees can have the flexibility to organize their schedules at times that suit them. All workers get the same level of performance no matter where they are, which means the services they rely on won’t suffer from connectivity issues.

3. Affordability

Since SD-WAN software reduces the amount of traffic that travels through the central data center, data management costs are lowered for users. As a result, a provider offering computer IT services can easily deploy extra bandwidth, which is a measurement of how much data can be sent over an internet connection, to different sites on the network. This assistance also allows businesses to adjust the amount of bandwidth they require, so they're not paying for the unnecessary capacity. 


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