If you're a business owner, you probably rely on computers to perform, which is why cybersecurity is crucial. Not only does it prevent breaches, but it also ensures you maintain a good reputation with clients and customers. However, it would help if you also understood why hackers attempt to access information in the first place. The following guide provides some examples.

Why Do Hackers Breach Computers & Servers?

1. To Obtain Money

Like many other criminal pursuits, many hackers try to steal money. Some will seize sensitive data, such as Social Security numbers or credit card information, and sell it on the dark web. Others will attempt to access bank accounts directly to make withdrawals. They may even lock your computer or server and demand that you pay a ransom to gain access again. Regular scanning of networks can help detect potential threats and prevent them from doing major damage. 

2. To Disrupt Your Business


Some hackers want to watch businesses flounder when faced with something like a distributed denial-of-service attack. This tactic involves flooding a server or network with traffic, preventing legitimate customers from accessing your business's website. 

Malware is used to infiltrate several devices, which are then turned into bots whose only function is to attack the target. Regular traffic monitoring can help identify potentially malicious traffic, which professionals can mitigate to prevent service disruption. 

3. To Harm Your Reputation

A phishing attack entails sending a fraudulent email that appears legitimate to a business. The email may contain instructions on downloading a malicious file or even provide a link to the download. While some phishing attacks occur because of money, hackers might also be in search of information that will diminish your reputation with clients and customers. Along with informing your staff on what to look for in fraudulent emails, such as typos and misspellings, having effective email scanning software can also prevent dangerous downloads. 


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