When it’s time to upgrade your business’s phone system, implementing a solution that is designed to grow as technology evolves can offer a variety of benefits. “VoIP” stands for “Voice over Internal Protocol.” VoIP services allow for voice communication between two or more people through the internet, both local and long-distance. Compared to traditional landline systems, VoIP technology is more cost-effective and comes with many helpful features like those below.

Why Switch to a VoIP Phone System?

1. Ease of Installation

Traditional phone systems require space for cables and a jumble of electrical wires, as well as technical know-how to install and maintain.

VoIP ServicesVoIP systems, on the other hand, are much easier to install. They don’t require much more than a high-speed internet connection, a wireless Ethernet router, and Private Bank Exchange (PBX) software. You don’t even need special phones—the software is functional on your computer, mobile phone, and tablet. You can also purchase wireless adapters that allow you to communicate via analog phones.

2. Cheaper Phone Calls

Traditional phone systems use landlines, which are finite in number, so a premium is charged by phone providers to use that limited space to connect your call. By contrast, a VoIP service sends data and transmits voice signals over the internet, which is a much less expensive process.

3. Conference Calls

Unlike traditional systems, conference calls between two or more people on a VoIP system are simple. Because VoIP is software, there is often no extra hardware or additional fee to make video calls as well, which can eliminate the need for in-person meetings. For example, they can allow you to conduct interviews with prospective employees, collaborate with employees on projects, or even speak to your customers face-to-face, all from the comfort of your desk.


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