Phones still play an integral role in workplace communications. They’re a way to interact with customers, new clients, and existing connections. Phone technology is evolving, and it’s important to recognize when to upgrade. VoIP services and other products are game-changing, so consider how the following applies to your office.

When to Upgrade Your Office Phone System

1. It’s Restricting Employees

Landline phones route call data on a physical grid. While reliable, they tether employees to their desks.

IP and VoIP services operate through an Internet connection. Remote and mobile employees can use the phone system no matter where they are through a convenient VoIP app.

This means they remain connected on lunch breaks, business trips, and from a home office. It’s an excellent way to boost productivity and connectivity.

2. You’re Growing Rapidly

voip servicesInternet-based systems scale easily. Simply purchase a new device and connect.

There are no limitations as long as you have a fast enough Internet connection. With landlines, you’ll have to route a new phone cable every time you add an employee.

Internet-based systems are also ideal if you have an increase in call volume. The digital guidance systems efficiently direct calls and hold connections during high volume to meet every customer’s needs quickly and efficiently.

3. You Want Cutting-Edge Features

Internet- and cloud-based phone systems open the door for many innovative technologies. Voicemails are routed to emails and accessible on any mobile device. Establish a digital concierge or sophisticated routing system to guide callers.

Integrate video conferencing and rely on industry-leading cybersecurity integrations to protect your data. VoIP services and other systems are poised for even more upgrades as technology develops, so your company can take full advantage of these groundbreaking features.


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