If you run a business, you’ve likely heard about the power of the cloud. You might even use some cloud services to run your operations without realizing it. To make the most of this wide-ranging technology, here are answers to some pressing questions.

What to Know About Cloud Services

What is the Cloud?

Cloud computing is when digital data is stored over the internet instead of on a physical hard drive that you keep on the premises. This allows you to access and edit files from various locations instead of depending on a physical device for the information you need.

What are the benefits involved?

cloud servicesUsing cloud services to store or alter data means your staff can work on projects remotely. Since these systems are also typically set up to update automatically, it allows groups of people in different locations to collaborate in real time. For example, edits made on a project will instantly be available to someone else accessing the file across the country. These systems continuously back up files to avoid lost data. Software can also be shared and accessed via this method.

Are there different types of clouds?

There are public clouds and private clouds. Public clouds allow anyone with an internet connection and an account or subscription to access the information stored there. Private clouds only host data for one enterprise or organization. Service is usually delivered in the same way, but there’s a firewall protecting the organization’s data.

What security risks should I be aware of?

Cybersecurity risks are similar between the cloud and on-premises file storage. Data could come into contact with viruses or malware; individuals could also steal information. Cloud services often come with built-in security features to prevent these issues so long as you work with a reputable provider.


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