Whether you use fuel oil for your home or business, proper tank storage is an absolute must. Equally important is having the tank inspected on a regular basis. The condition of your tank can degrade over time, and if you don’t take the proper steps, you run the risk of losing precious fuel or being faced with a massive cleanup. Below are a few reasons why you should never forgo tank inspection. 

Ensures Equipment Lasts Longer

An oil tank is a lot like HVAC equipment. With the proper routine maintenance, you can rest assured that your equipment will last for as long as possible. When you neglect maintenance, smaller problems will grow until they become major issues. At that point, the only step left to take will be to replace your tank, which can incur high and unnecessary costs. 

Routine inspections look at essential components, such as oil lines, filters, and valves, to determine whether they need to be replaced. Inspections also look for leaks, oil spills, water within tanks, and other possible issues that could impede operation. 

Prevents Costly & Inconvenient Breakdowns

fuel oilWhen an inspection turns up something in need of repair, you know exactly what you’re up against and can have it fixed at the end of the season before you fill up your tank for the summer. When you forgo routine inspections, you have no real idea of the true working condition of your tank. As a result, your home or business is more susceptible to sudden breakdowns. Along with being highly inconvenient, a sudden breakdown can prevent your house from being properly heated during the winter or cause work tasks to grind to a halt. 

Reduces the Risk of Safety Issues

If your tank is leaking and you’re unaware, it could have a disastrous effect on local plant life and wildlife. If you have a residential tank and there are children in the home, you also run the risk of them encountering the spill. In workplaces and industrial environments, a compromised or leaking tank may even pose a fire hazard. 


As a trusted provider of fuel oil to homes and businesses in Palmyra, NY, Main Energy, Inc. knows how important it is for your tank to remain intact. Not only do they supply many different types of fuel, but they also offer numerous delivery options, so you can rest assured that your home or business will always have fuel to stay up and running. Because they’re a family-owned business, customers can rest assured that they’ll receive the best service possible. Call (315) 597-5200 for more information or visit the website to see the complete listing of services.