Ensuring that you are using the best fuel for your cars and equipment will guarantee that they last for years to come. While it’s commonly utilized by semi-trucks used for transportation, diesel can power a range of vehicles and devices at home, as well. Whether it’s a tractor or an off-road vehicle, diesel is an affordable, powerful fuel source for these machines. To help you understand more about diesel as a fuel source, the guide below explains how diesel engines differ from gasoline options and what benefits diesel offers.

How Do Diesel Engines Work?

Like gasoline, diesel is ignited to generate power and drive pistons in the engine. However, gasoline engines rely on spark plugs to ignite the fuel. In diesel engines, the air is compressed to heat the engine. Unlike a gasoline engine, where the air and gasoline are mixed, the diesel and air are introduced separately, improving engine efficiency and operation. Once the compressed air is hot enough, the diesel is atomized and injected, resulting in spontaneous combustion and a powerful conversion into energy.

What Benefits Does Diesel Offer?

diesel Palmyra, NYThe reason that diesel is often used for heavy-duty engines in trains, trucks, and tractors is that it offers a great deal of power and efficiency. While diesel costs slightly more than gasoline, a diesel engine can be up to twice as efficient as a gasoline engine. Diesel engines burn hotter, so more of the fuel gets converted into energy. Additionally, a diesel engine will burn less fuel while running at lower power. With better mileage and more power, diesel is the clear choice for heavy vehicles that need to perform strenuous tasks, like tilling a field or traversing off-road terrain.


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