Diesel is a go-to fuel source for high-powered vehicles and equipment. Despite its usefulness, few property owners understand where this energy source comes from as it goes from a refueling station to your home or truck. Below, learn more about diesel and how it’s sourced for fuel.

What Is Diesel Fuel?

dieselThis fuel is used for compression ignition engines, which were created by Rudolf Diesel, a German engineer. It’s a distillate fuel made from refined crude oil. Diesel used to contain high levels of sulfur, which contributed to harmful air emissions. However, modern diesel fuel sold in the United States has a low sulfur content to reduce air pollution. Diesel engines that take this type of fuel are often found in buses, trucks, boats, and barges, as well as farming and construction equipment. These engines are also found inside generators that produce electricity for industrial facilities and hospitals. 

Where Does Diesel Come From?

Diesel fuel is created at petroleum refineries. At the refinery, the base oil produced from the crude oil undergoes a separation, conversion, and purification process. The fuel travels from the refineries through pipelines and terminals, where large quantities of the fuel will be consumed. Diesel can also be moved to terminals by trains or barges. Once the fuel reaches the terminal, trucks will transport the diesel to retail service stations like refueling stations where customers can access the fuel for their vehicle or equipment. 


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