Getting gasoline delivered by your local oil company is a convenient way to keep your vehicles, lawn care equipment, and generators supplied with fuel. If you're going to be receiving and storing gas, you need to know how to store, handle, and transport it safely. Some safety tips are less well known than others, so make sure you're following each of these rules.

Important Rules for Handling Gasoline

1. Don't Smoke

Smoking near a source of gas creates a hazard of fires or even explosions, as gas can be ignited by the heat of a cigarette. The danger is even greater when someone lights a cigarette, as the open flame from a match or lighter is even hotter. Even if the burning material doesn't touch liquid gasoline, the fuel’s fumes are still flammable.

2. Turn Off Before Refilling

GasolineBefore you refuel a vehicle or piece of equipment, you should turn it off so the engine isn't firing. Ideally, let it cool down for a while first. This decreases the risk of spilled gasoline coming in contact with a hot surface or sparks that may set it on fire.

3. Store It Correctly

Many types of plastic are not compatible with gasoline and will break down when exposed to it. Make sure your gas can is able to be sealed tightly and securely to avoid gasoline spills. Only store fuel in specifically designed gasoline canisters.

4. Wash Your Hands

Immediately after handling gasoline, wash your hands thoroughly to get rid of any residue. This prevents you from leaving a gasoline residue on everything you touch, which could create fire hazards, cleaning issues, or general inconveniences.

5. Use As Intended

Gasoline is only safe in devices designed for it. You shouldn’t use it in lamps or heating equipment. Gasoline produces more fumes and is more volatile than many other types of fossil fuels which are frequently used in these applications, increasing the risk of an accident.



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