Gasoline powers a variety of essential objects, such as your vehicle and lawnmower. That’s why many people keep a supply at home, especially in case of an emergency that limits gas availability. Here’s some advice on how to store your gas safely and effectively.

How to Store Gasoline at Home

1. Choose the Right Container

Look for a container with a label that states it’s been approved for petroleum products. If possible, choose a red container for easy identification.

gasolineIn general, red indicates gasoline, blue signifies kerosene, and yellow is for diesel. Also, make sure its capacity is under five gallons. Most fire codes only allow you to store 25 gallons of gasoline divided among containers with a capacity under five gallons each. 

2. Store It Away From the Home 

Since gasoline is flammable, keep it in a garage, shed, or barn away from heat sources like the sun, furnace, hot water heater, or space heater.

It should also be at least 50 feet away from possible ignition sources like pilot lights. Make sure children the containers are not accessible for children. 

3. Mark the Date

Since old gasoline can damage engines, you shouldn’t use fuel that’s more than a year old, unless it’s been treated by a stabilizer that extends its expiration. Mark the fill date on your container to ensure that you’re using effective gasoline. Once it expires, bring the fuel to a hazardous waste management facility. 


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