Electric garage doors are an extremely convenient way to secure your home. However, during a power outage, they may become unusable, potentially locking your car in or out. Here are a few ways to safely manage your garage door during a power outage.

How to Manage Your Garage Door in a Power Outage

1. Ensure the Door Is Down

Before attempting to operate your garage door during a power outage, make sure it is in the down position. Pulling the bypass handle will disengage the springs, potentially bringing your door crashing down. If your door isn’t fully closed, it’s safest to call a professional or just wait out the power outage.

2. Pull the Bypass Handle

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The bypass handle is usually found hanging from a red rope. When the door is closed, you’ll usually find it in the front of the garage. Pulling the handle disengages the trolley from the carriage, allowing you to operate the door manually.

3. Lift the Garage Door Manually

Once you have pulled the bypass handle and emergency release cord, you can lift the garage door manually. Be sure to use the handles or other support to keep the door open while you operate your vehicle or leave your home. When the power comes back on, simply push the door up until it reconnects with the trolley and then re-engage the motor by pulling the cord again.

4. Consider Adding a Backup Battery

Occasional power outages can be frustrating, but some areas are more prone to blackouts than others. If power outages are frequent in your area, consider installing a backup battery for your garage door opener. These devices can provide power to your opener for several hours, allowing you to operate your door until the power comes back on.


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