Gutters direct water away from a house, preventing liquid from damaging the roof, eaves, siding, and other parts of the property. During the winter, freezing temperatures can create ice dams around the edges of the roof, causing water to back up and damage the materials. You can winterize the gutters each fall to help avoid these problems. Here’s what you need to know about the process.

Why Is It Important to Winterize Gutters?

During winter, warm air rising from your home melts snow and ice on the roof and sends water flowing down to the eaves. This part of the structure sticks out past the exterior walls of the house, leaving them uninsulated and vulnerable to winter weather. 


If the liquid doesn’t flow down the downspout, the colder temperatures near the exposed eaves can cause it to refreeze and create a barrier of ice. Water that has seeped under the shingles may become trapped, or it may overflow the trays and damage the eaves and siding. Winterizing the gutters allows water to flow safely through the channels, keeping the roof and siding in good condition.

How Do You Winterize Them?

The main step you need to take to prepare for winter is cleaning out your gutters. At the end of fall, after most or all of the nearby trees are bare, remove fallen leaves, twigs, acorns, bird nests, and other materials from the trays. Use a garden hose to test that water flows correctly through channels and downspouts aren’t clogged. Consider installing a mesh gutter guard to keep out additional debris.

While you’re cleaning this area, inspect your setup for obvious problems. Pay special attention to the brackets and fasteners holding each pipe up. If they’re loose, the gutter could pull away from the eaves and fall when weighed down by ice and snow. Incorrectly sloped or sagging trays also impede proper water flow, causing the liquid to run the wrong way or pool at the ends of pipes. If you notice broken or loose parts, reach out to a roofing contractor for repairs before cold weather hits.


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