Quartz countertops are common fixtures in many home kitchens. However, because quartz is one of the hardest minerals available, many people falsely believe the countertops are unbreakable. Although quartz is lauded for its durability, there are certain habits that can cause premature wear to the material. To take better care of your investments, here is the truth behind common misconceptions about quartz countertops. 

3 Myths About Quartz Countertops

1. Surfaces Are Scratch-Resistant

quartz countertop

Because quartz is known for its strength, people falsely believe scratches won't form on the countertops. This is not true, as abrasive cleaners and steel-wool pads can leave scuffs and scratches behind. You should also pick up heavy objects instead of dragging them across the quartz counters.

2. Quartz Won't Stain

Although quartz is a non-porous stone that does not require sealing, liquids and solvents might still stain the surfaces. The risk of this staining increases when countertops are made of a lighter color quartz. To minimize the risk of damage, it's important to wipe up stains immediately, don't let kids use paints and permanent markers on the counters, and don't use sodium hydroxide-based products to clean the surfaces. 

3. Quartz Isn't Sensitive to Sunlight

Be mindful of where you place quartz countertops in your kitchen. If the kitchen is on the sunnier side of the house, you should place curtains or blinds over the windows to control the sunlight. That's because the dark pigments could fade when exposed to the UV rays from direct sunshine for extended periods.


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