Winter conditions can be rough on vehicles, but some simple steps can prepare your vehicle for freezing temperatures and slick, snowy roads. Your local auto repair shop can inspect your vehicle and determine which parts need extra care for winter. Here are some of the most common areas they check. 


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Tires with thick tread are better equipped to grip slick roads since they offer a textured surface that won’t just slide on snow and ice. Check the tread on your current tires using a gauge or penny. With a gauge, the tread should measure at least 4/32”. 

If you stick a penny into the tread, it should cover at least part of Abraham Lincoln’s head. Have them replaced if the tread is under these levels; you can even switch to snow tires, which have extra tread to prevent slipping on extra slippery roads. 


Batteries have to provide extra power to warm cold engines, so it’s easier for them to die in winter. This shouldn’t be a problem for new batteries, but most should be replaced every three to five years. If you don’t remember when you had yours replaced last, your auto repair shop can test the charge and replace it if necessary. 


Snow and ice on your windshield can dramatically cut visibility. Wiper blades should be replaced at least once a year, and windshield washer fluid usually needs to be replenished as well. Ask about fluid with a low freezing point to make sure the fluid is available even in the freezing cold. 


Vehicles use fluids to lubricate the engine, cool the transmission, and facilitate braking and power steering. These fluids shouldn’t freeze, but if they get low, condensation may build up inside the vessels and lines. That water could freeze or cause corrosion. Top off or change the oil, transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid, and power steering fluid, and keep your gas tank at least half full throughout winter. 

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